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Excursion destinations in
the surroundings of Tux

Achensee steam cog railway

The world's oldest cog locomotives run exclusively by steam are more than 117 years old. Whistling locomotives, hissing and steaming valves, pounding pistons, and hammering bursts of exhaust guarantee an unforgettable steam train experience. With a gradient of 16% and a 45 min. ride, you will reach the Achensee from the Jenbach train station. The Achensee is Tyrol's largest lake, and there is a direct connection to Achenseeschifffahrt, which will take you on a boat ride on the lake

Distance: 40km

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Tratzberg Castle

Tratzberg Castle was built in the year 1500 high above the Inn valley between Jenbach and Stans and was a hunting castle in the times of Emperor Maximilian I and the Fuggers. The late Gothic marvel was extensively furnished in the Renaissance and has been the home of the Counts of Enzenberg since 1848. In perfect condition and completely furnished, the Tratzberg Castle provides its visitors with a fascinating audio experience (for children in the guise of a fairy tale) that showcases the impressive history of the place.


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Krimml waterfalls

The Krimml Falls - the highest in Europe - with their impressive height of 380 m across three levels are the fifth-highest waterfalls on the planet. Constructed by the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV), a hiking path leads directly to this breathtaking natural spectacle. Experience the refreshing spray and the impressive strength of the water in the splendid mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park

Distance: 55km

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Schwaz silver mine

Experience a fascinating adventure below ground in the silver mine in Schwaz. The exciting journey back into the medieval past starts with the first highlight: the ride 800 m into the Sigmund tunnel, begun in 1491. The miners in Schwaz had the best know-how of the time and made Schwaz the biggest mining center in Central Europe and the second largest town in the Habsburg Empire.

Distance: 50km

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Planetarium Schwaz

Come a little bit closer to space in the Zeiss planetarium in Schwaz. With the help of precision instruments, effects projectors, and audiovisual equipment, everything that is happening in space is displayed and explained. With the constant changing of shows, the Zeiss planetarium is a cosmic cinema.

Distance: 50km

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Haus der Völker

With an exhibition surface of 1000m², the only anthropology museum in western Austria displays more than 1,000 exhibits from the collection of Africa expert and photographer Gert Chesi. The majority of the museum is dedicated to Africa and its art and culture; important depictions of Buddha along with Chinese archaeological finds constitute the heart of the Asian collection.

Distance: 50km

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On the Inn river, the medieval town of Rattenberg is nestled up against the castle hill. The 600 inhabitants of Rattenberg, which is Austria's smallest town, live in the carefully restored town houses. Rattenberg is also called the "Glass City" and offers all kinds of beautiful glass: engraved and painted glass, crystal glass, plates, cups, bowls, etc. You can also watch glass blowers demonstrate their skills.

Distance: 50km

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Crystal Worlds in Wattens

Nestled in a secret park, a glistening fairy-tale landscape is awaiting you. In 14 different underground chambers, multi-media artist André Heller created a place of amazement in 1995 for Swarovski's 100th anniversary. The rooms' constantly changing crystals reflect the spirit of innovation and dynamics, which are the top maxims of the world's leading producer of precisely cut crystals.

Distance: 65km

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Wolfsklamm St. Georgenberg, 63 km

The Wolfsklamm in Stans has been open for more than 100 years. Since then, thousands of visitors have seen this unique natural spectacle and the Stallenbach, which creates a white spray and emerald green glow as it rushes through the gorge. The bridges and wooden walkways are hand-crafted masterpieces that lead over 354 m up to the Georgenberg, where the entrance to the Alpenpark Karwendel is located.

Distance: 55km

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Goldenes Dachl ("Golden Roof")

Visit the interactive museum with their newly adapted show rooms dedicated to the life and times of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). The new "Children's World" invites young visitors on an exciting journey of discovery in the museum. Enjoy a magnificent view from the alcove balcony of the Golden Roof.

Distance: 80km

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More than 2000 animals belonging to 150 species from all over the Alps are awaiting you in Europe's highest zoo. Visitors of all ages will have a great time at the Alpenzoo: the kinglet weighing only 5 grams is a real lightweight whereas the bearded vulture with its 3 m wingspan is the largest bird in the Alps. This is a special experience for the whole family!


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